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Multi-touch Development of Capacitive Touch MID

If there is not much difference between resistive screen and capacitive screen in the mobile phone for you, but for MID product capacitive screen will undoubtedly present better control experience, which is why the interface change on the iPad has certain operational advantages.


For lower the entry gap, now we see a lot of MID screen design is based on resistive screen, but with the increase of MID users and the market, the price of capacitive screens will continue to decrease.We obviously can not meet the needs of users without capacitive screen and multi-touch in MID, which we can find in the MID products with Rockchip 2818. Except the 3G connectivity, MultiTouch is the future trend of MID, because most MID products are used in surf the Internet, picture browsing and play games.


Now you can find the fun from our capacitive touch MID M801R by below link:

                                                                                         WISKY  MID  M801R

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