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Start your reading revolution right now!

The new ebook reader offers a convenient solution for both avid and occasional book readers.


You can take along thousands of books on a portable reader device, as small as just one single paper printed pocketbook. You can even adjust fonts and font sizes to your liking!


All eReader models feature a unique paper-like screen with E-ink or TFT (e-paper). This E-ink technology offers the same pleasant reading experience like reading regular books: there is no backlight, no flickering of the electronic paper screen. Even in bright sunlight.


Whether you choose the E-ink or TFT ebook as your preferred reader, the way you read your books will change forever. Our range of handheld e-book readers guarantee to offer you the best reading experience possible.


All Wisky models use TFT or electronic ink and electronic paper and offer the largest selection of supported file formats including the popular PDF, ePub and other text formats.


We are very proud to announce our new TFT eReader: W950,W951 and W967. Besides reading your favourite ebooks on these new ereader models, you can also listen music or easily add, save and erase files.


Still not convinced? Try our new products and be amazed by the wonderful world of eReading!



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